HERCs Music Systems

Abakos and Abakos PRO

This is the original Abakos (the PRO version is below). It is frequently considered as one of the top 10 free Virtual Analogue VST plugins ever made.

Testimonials found on the Internet:

           "Abakos: A great sounding poly VA with a twist. Using some programming voodoo Abakos is able to play back as many voices as needed using only a flat amount of CPU. In other words, your computer is taxed the same regardless if you’re playing only one note, or 12. Great for those of us with older (or notebook) DAWs."

This is the follow-up Abakos PRO. 100% free software. The main difference is the included arpeggiator. Otherwise these two instruments are pretty much identical.


1. Abakos and Abakos PRO are 100% free to use to whatever purpose you may require.

2. You use Abakos and Abakos PRO at your own risk.

3. Both Abakos and Abakos PRO contain an executable of SAVIHost (the only exe file inside ZIP archive). This has been created by Hermann Seib (http://www.hermannseib.com/). SAVIHost is covered by separate licence and you can not use SAVIHost for commercial purposes.


Many thanks to Vera Kinter (http://www.artvera-music.com/) for fabulous artwork and a collection of presets.

A lot of thanks goes to Steve Payton, who coordinated marketing and inspired everyone.

Thanks to Hermann Seib (http://www.hermannseib.com) for lending his SAVIHost.

And last (but not least) to our devoted customers, who contributed to the project financially.